Web Design & User Experience

Web Design and User Experience

Web Design and User Experience brings us to how to Attract your audiences’ attention immediately and quickly convert them are the primary goal of creative design. To accomplish this, Baytech creative design experts focus on the best user experience possible.
We bring together a multidisciplinary design team considering your target market as well as your brand and core value propositions. We provide you with design services for all of your business needs, including Brand Identity, Custom Graphics Design, Typography and Illustration, Info-graphics, and Animated Banners.

Our creative designers and a business expert will develop multiple design directions and options for you to review and select. Before any design proposals are ever started, we will conduct industry trend research and competitive analysis. This process ensures that your designs best present your message and uniquely convey the value to your audiences.

We consider all options to ensure that your targeted audiences have the best user experience possible and that they can be immediately captured and converted. Our creative design results in high traffic conversion and ultimately increase your bottom line.

As an experienced design and branding expert team, we have successfully designed and constructed more than 1,700 commerce websites, interactive web applications, eCommerce web experiences and custom portal interfaces for startups and corporations in a wide range of industry verticals.

Talk to us today for your creative design needs plus web projects and let us help you make a real difference in your bottom line.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Developing powerful content that attracts and converts your visitors is essential to your business. By configuring a solid and practical content strategy beforehand, it ensures that all of your content will be discoverable by the search engines, readable and interesting, convertible to other forms, and capable of moving the reader to action.

At Dynatech, our content strategists set out to ensure that all of your content gets the most mileage possible per page. We determine your priorities and understand your objectives. Each content piece, as well as all of the elements on the page, will be selected because of its significance and ability to attract and entice the reader to act – taking them on a ride moving toward the desired goal.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Equip Your Site to Meet the Growing Demand of Mobile Devices
The increase in mobile web access demands that every business has a website that enables visitors to view and interact with it—regardless of what device they may be using. We prepare your website to meet the demands of the future with a responsive, future-forward design.

Business owners need to be aware of this emerging trend, so they don’t lose out on new potential profit streams from your mobile audience. According to the Denver Post, 20% of all internet traffic now comes from mobile devices. Gartner.com predicts that by 2020, 50% of all web sales will be generated by mobile users, yet only 26% of small business owners have websites that enable mobile users to adequately view and buy from their website. 

Interestingly, out of that 26 percent, 84% of mobile-ready business owners saw significant revenue growth from mobile users.

Dynatech’s design experts are ready to create responsive webpages for you that are both attractive and fully functional. This solution is better than developing or using apps because it detects the type of device being used and makes adjustments automatically. It also enables touch features on those devices with that capability.

As you know, without being able to view your website, customers cannot buy from you. The responsive design saves time and money by giving you one solution that fits all devices.

Website Animation

Website Animation

Website Animation Story Board
Tell your story company more effectively with animation. The modern web provides a multitude of new and innovative ways to display information. With the advent of HTML5 and CSS3 and robust cross-browser support, our designers can add a whole new level of animation and interactivity that was never before possible. Previously, it was only possible to achieve interactive animation via Flash. As web use has transitioned from desktop computers to mobile devices, Flash is no longer a viable option—it cannot be viewed on phones and tablets.
Dynatech has adopted these new technologies to better serve our clients with a future-forward approach to design. HTML 5 is our canvas, your business is our inspiration—let`s paint something beautiful together.