Building a powerful brand that stands out in the minds of your customers is essential to success in today’s marketplace. From the design and selection of an icon to the consistency of your brand throughout your website and marketing materials, Dynatech has the branding experience that you need to ensure your company’s message is clearly conveyed to your audience. Detailed research enables us to identify and build a stronger brand capable of reaching a vast marketplace.

What Defines Your Brand Identity?

Dynatech knows that your brand is the most central part of your marketing strategy. Having a clear visual definition of what ties your brand together will transform your branding identity. Dynatech’s unique approach to developing a cohesive identity through interactive, collateral, and multimedia is essential to your marketing goals.

If your responsibility is to grow your company’s marketing reach you may ask yourself, “What is an effective strategy to improve our company’s marketing?”

Let Dynatech help you find this answer by filling your identity gap. We will answer difficult branding questions like, “What does our collective marketing materials communicate to your audience?”

Accurately assessing your current business and marketing practices without bias can be difficult, even for large enterprise companies. While your organization may have a marketing department of 100+ people, it is impossible for those people to divorce themselves from the company and look at what they have created from an independent viewpoint.

That is why Dynatech works with world-leading brands to refine, evolve and even revolutionize their brand image. We are a team of web experts with an eye for design that analyzes your organization, it’s audience, and competition with a fresh perspective.

Research and objectivity are just a piece of the puzzle. Dynatech will translate the necessary details to leverage your organization and translate the data into actionable strategies that can be implemented throughout every aspect of your marketing campaign.

Enterprise Level Branding and Creative Design

The world’s most recognized brands all have one thing in common– we recognize them.

This is no accident. These companies are visible because they all have a distinct brand identity communicated through visual design. Reaching consumers, businesses, and even a government contract requires communication. There is not a simpler, more powerful way to communicate than through visual branding design. A picture says a thousand words, so why not communicate that through your branding?

The visual design breaks down the barriers normally associated with communication, and branding anchors audiences with a consistent visual narrative that translates across language barriers. Golden-arches mean the same thing in the United States of America as they do in Dubai, and a swoosh is as universally translated in Damascus as it is in Tokyo.

Identity is at the core of what branding is.

Unlike engineering and other technical pursuits, there is no clear formula to apply. There is also no specified process that will fill in the blanks for you. It requires a team of experts that can clearly identify what the wants and needs of businesses and consumers are in a marketplace. It takes a creative out of the box branding team to achieve these strategic goals.

Dynatech’s expertise is in design, marketing, and web technologies as they relate to online branding.

We understand your business as it relates to other businesses, consumer audiences, and the interconnectedness of the web. We are pattern recognition experts. We analyze trends to see what sinks and swims. We’re the lighthouse to your sailboat, guiding you along through the deep currents of the web, protecting you from the treacherous waves of competition.

If you want your brand to sail above the competition, you’re going to need the direction only our brand experts can provide. You can try to sail by the stars, but if your attention is fixed on the sky, you may lose sight of the horizon. Don’t let your business be a shipwreck, let Dynatech be your branding beacon.

Branding is Discussed Often, But Very Few Understand Branding, Marketing, and Web Design

Many assume having a company equates to having a brand, but while your company may exist, your brand might not. Branding is the convergence of marketing and design. It means defining the feeling, manner, and tone of your company, and keeping that said tone consistent throughout all of your marketing materials.

Coca-Cola does not use purple on its cans, marketing collateral, website, etc. This is because Coca-Cola has a strict brand style guide that it adheres to in order to ensure consistency across all materials. This isn’t just to look fancy, instead, it provides a visual guide that subconsciously tells the consumer, “This is the brand you were looking for”.

At Dynatech, we highly recommend that our clients engage us for our branding.

Our normal design process, augmented by our Branding (which includes a style guide, marketing audit, and competitive audit) can help your organization position itself above your competitors. Going into a design project– whether it be brochures, websites, or even applications– you can be left with a beautiful product that simply does not convert if you don’t first complete a comprehensive brand audit and implementation strategy.

In Closing

When one considers their business plan, one of the first steps towards success is making sure that it is organized. We organize our staff, our time, our calls, and just about everything else. It then follows that we should organize your visual identities as well.